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Our Commercial, Industrial, Steam Cleaning, and Construction Cleaning Services

At CRI Cleaning Solutions, we provide cleaning services for all home, commercial spaces, industrial facilities and even construction sites, helping them ensure quality maintenance of their interior and exterior spaces. With the right equipment and talented professionals, we are really for your toughest cleaning needs in London. We can cater to all strata and condos, offices, construction sites, schools, and healthcare facilities. 

Furthermore, our experts can also offer customized and advanced cleaning solutions for shopping malls, warehouses, logistical and manufacturing facilities, religious facilities (churches, temples, etc.), fitness facilities, and automotive dealerships.

What All We Clean

When you opt for our services, we will thoroughly clean all surfaces and areas, including but not limited to:

Floors (carpet, vinyl, tile, etc.)


Walls and ceiling


Building exterior

Trash and recycling bins


Parking lots

Our team understands that not every property is the same, and cleaning and maintenance needs can vary from one client to another. Thanks to our customized cleaning packages, we have you covered. Whether you need help with an extensive new construction site, a busy industrial location, or any commercial establishment, you can trust us to come equipped with the right cleaning supplies and equipment to achieve high standards of cleanliness every time.

Our Additional Services

Along with the standard elements that are included in our service packages, we also suggest and undertake a number of additional cleaning services depending on the requirements of our clients. Our additional services include:

Post-construction cleanup

Ceramic tile steam cleaning

Floor waxing

Pressure washing

Gutter cleaning

To receive a free quote for the cleaning service you need, reach out to us today.

 Janitorial Services in London

Get your workspace cleaned by our expert janitors.

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